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Vision / Mission. Bureau of Animal Husbandry and and Genetic Improvement

Vision ::.

          The organization. In the research and development of the animal.

Mission ::.

          Research and development of animal breeding. Technology services to animal production. Promote the economic sufficiency.

Strategy ::.

          One. Increase the capacity for research and development of animals.
2. Technologies animals. To food security.
Three. Promote economic sufficiency. To strengthen the professional farmers.
4th. Capacity building, organizational management with a good system of governance.

Responsibilities ::.

Livestock Development is responsible ...

          One. Implement the Law on the Animal. And other relevant laws.

          Two. Educational research and development of high-yielding varieties of animals suitable for farming of farmers in the country.

      Three. Analysis and research animal production yield. Farm management. The test animals. Animal breeding and distribution network for farmers and farmers.

          4th. Analysis and research, conservation and development of wildlife native rare and endangered species. Both parties are in the same habitats and wildlife habitat. The use of genetic resources. To the sustainable use and development.

          Five. Study and research and analysis of the standard genetic features of animals.

          6. Provide advice and technology transfer to farmers producing purebred animals. And stakeholders in both countries. And abroad.

          7th. Biodiversity and livestock management.

          8. Develop model guidelines and procedures for the certification of organic livestock.

          9th. Working with. Or to support the work of other agencies involved or assigned.

Animal Breeding and Research Center is responsible ...

          One. Research created a hybrid species that is appropriate to the environment. The researchers tested the animals and the private sector to test and distribution to farmers.

          Two. Research to solve the productivity of livestock in the region. To be tailored to the geographical and social conditions. The economy of the farmers.

          Three. Directing the operations of the Animal Research Station.

          4th. Corporate governance consulting and solutions in support of the Animal Center of the Department of Livestock.

          Five. Implementation, monitoring and data collection. Species for the certification and registration of farm animals. Accordance with the Animal.

Research the test animals have ...

          1. The test animals. Animals to assess genetic ancestry. The main species. And were extended to farmers. The breeding of domestic animals.

          Two. Research and gather information from various academic assignments and Animal Research.

          Three. Conjunction with the Animal Research and Monitoring regulatory counseling and problem solving in the care of the Department of Livestock Breeding Center. The primary sources of information on the certification animals. Accordance with the Animal.

          4th. Execution gene conservation of native animals and collect rare and endangered species. Both in and out of the same origin.

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Bureau of Animal Husbandry and Genetic Improvement  ; Department of Livestock Development

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